September 24, 2010 | 2 Comments   

You judge for yourself on this experience I had. CIMB management, if you are reading this, please do something.


Call Officer: Hello, boleh saya membantu? *although I press 1 for English*

Me: Yeah I cannot view my credit card info on my CIMB Clicks online account for the past 1 week. I have been using it for past 1 year.

Call Officer: I need to do a verification check….bla bla bla. What is the amount you last withdraw on your ATM card?

Wah lauuuuuu??!!! How can I remember? Note to self, must withdraw the same amount every time just to pass this verification. I had to login online to check the answer.

Call Officer: Ok, have you tried linking your credit card

Me: Yes, after I click it. It said, I don’t need to link my credit card on the page. By the way, I was able to see my credit card transaction for the last 1 year and now it is showing error. How come I need to link it again?

Call Officer: Please hold while I check.

After about 5 minutes, he came back to say that it is a maintenance problem and someone will look into it. Check back online after 5 working days.

After 5 working days, nothing happen. Why I am not surprised? I called the helpline again.

Call Officer: Boleh saya membantu? *again I did press 1 for English, maybe I should answer him in mandarin*

Me: I cannot see my credit card information on the CIMB clicks online account.

Call Officer: How may I help you?

Me: Do you understand what am I saying?

Call Officer: How may I help you? *going to vomit blood soon*

Me: I just said that I cannot see my credit card information on the CIMB clicks online account. *repeat very slowly*

Call Officer: I need to verify you.
• He asked my ATM card number
• He asked my full name
• He asked my IC number
• He asked my handphone number
• He asked my credit card number
• He asked my last withdrawal amount
Isn’t he annoying or what? Usually I will be asked at most 4 questions for verification.

Call Officer: Looking from the error, the problem is with the credit card department. I will ask them to look into it. It will be fixed in 3-5 working days.

Me: I called on Monday, the officer said the same thing. Now it is already 5 working days and the problem still exist.

Call Officer: I cannot do anything, you have to wait for the credit card department to fix it.

Me: What if after another 3 days, the problem is not resolved? I have to call again and it will be repeated all over again. Please can you check with the credit card department now.

Call Officer: Sorry, I really cannot do anything because it is due to the credit card department. *he sounds very reluctant to help.*

Me: Please can I speak to another officer or passed me to your credit card department.

Call Officer: All other officers are busy now.

Me: Can I speak with your supervisor or manager?

Call Officer: He is also attending call.

Me: Please can you tell your credit card department about this problem and see how they can resolve this.

Call Officer: They cannot do it now, it has to wait for 3 working days.

Bla bla bla….he probably got fed up with me and he passed me to credit card department without relaying my problem to him.

CC Officer: Hello, how may I help you? *sigh, I have to go through the vicious cycle…lets skip to after verification check*

Call Officer: Hello, how may I help you? *after verification, he passed me back to the CIMB Clicks officer*

However this officer did promise me to get back to me next Monday or Tuesday to get it resolved. She provided me her name so I can call her directly.

Can I sue the bank for stress they are causing me?