How To Frustrate Your Customer?

August 26, 2011 | Post Comment   

Early in the morning, I got a call from Citibank Malaysia. I wasn’t in a mood to talk to them because I work very late the night before and needed my beauty sleep. The sales agent and a Citibank called about my complaint.

It all happens a few weeks back when a credit card promoter approached me, asking me to sign up for the cash back credit card. I was being nice and hear him out. When signing up, every customer would look for the benefit of what the card can provide.

The agent told me:

  • A nice luggage bag and a knapsack for first 150 customers will be sent to me. No mention when.
  • $50 cash rebate back after 3 transaction made, to cover the govt tax.
  • Cash back as you pay for petrol (5%), groceries (2%)…etc.

After I signed up for the card, here are the extra T&C, not mentioned.

  • Luggage bag, after 3 transactions and wait after 6-8 week, the gift will be sent. Other banks, I get the free gift on the spot!
  • $50 cash rebate after 3 transitions and wait 60 days.
  • Cash back, you get it after collection of minimum RM50. By the way, I cannot find this policy in their website. Other banks, I get it REAL TIME.

Nice to hear all the good benefit but you still have to WAIT to get it. A few words for you Citibank, you can have the card back!

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