Half Boil Egg Gadget

January 27, 2007 | 6 Comments   

Half Boil egg is my favorite. Sorry I don’t have any cholesterol, so I can eat as much as I want. πŸ˜› I never know how to make perfect half boil egg. Sometimes it turned out to be hard boiled egg or not cook at all, with the transparent slimy part of the egg. :sc:

I discovered this gadget that makes perfect half boil egg. It cost RM9.90. I first saw it in Ikea when I was there for breakfast. I saw this funny looking orange plastic container with eggs in it. I peep over to someone who was making his half boiled egg and learn from him. It is real easy.

The Half Boil Egg Gadget
Add boiling water and fill about 3/4 of the container
Add in as many eggs as it can fill.
Wait till all the water vanished. Actually there is a little hole for the water to flow down.
The Perfect Half Boil Egg πŸ˜›