Environmental Friendly

September 3, 2007 | 3 Comments   

How many of you are environmental friendly? Do you put an effort to help the environment? It is really sad that many of us are aware that we need to use less plastic bags, recycle and use less disposable stuff but we don’t really put an effort to do it. Do it for the next generations to come.

Here are some tips where you can help the environment.

1. Reject the use of plastic bags. Bring your own shopping bag if you have to. I keep one in the car.
2. Conserve water and do not let water running without use.
3. Car pool if you can.
4. Use energy saver lights.
5. Fix all leaking pipe.
6. Print on double sided or avoid printing if you don’t need it.
7. Do not simply dispose used batteries. Read the label instruction to find out ways to dispose of it.
8. Recycle!
9. Limit the use of disposable utensils.
10. Buy environmentally safe products.

Very often, the cafeteria lady will give me a plastic bag whenever I buy junk food. I have been refusing to take and yet she still offers. Sigh. Oh please help the environment for the future of your children!