HTML Made Simple

October 17, 2007 | 2 Comments   

HTML is the simplest form of readable coding. For those bloggers who is not programming literate, you can pick HTML easily. Let me give you some simple tutorial.

There is a begin tag and an end tag. Begin tag is the start of the format and end tag is the end of the format. Say you want to want to bold a sentence “Hello World”.

<b> is for bold.
</b> a slash in front of “b” is end of bold.

<b>Hello World</b>

Try it on notepad and save it as file.htm. You can open the file using a browser to see the effect.

<img src=”http://mybabybay.com/pic.jpg”> – image (no ending tag for this)
<a href=“http://mybabybay.com/link.htm”>Link</a> – link
<b></b> – bold
<u></u> – underline
<p></p> – paragraph
<center></center> – center your text or image

You can find get the entire list from Google search.

Next a webpage is divided into sections.

<html></html> – doc

<head></head> – header, usually the will be in the header.
<body></body> – body of your page.

A typical page will look like this:


<head><title>Title of the Page</title>
<b>Hello World!</b>

To learn more, Google some basic HTML tutorial. I bet you will be an expert in no time.