Paypal Limitation

March 30, 2011 | Post Comment   

I got a big surprised from Paypal, nothing to cheer about. Paypal sent me an email stating that they will limit my account until a proper verification is done. The verification is to submit a utility bill with my address and a code. The code will appear in my credit card statement when they charge a RM10 to it. I will make sure they reimburse my RM10.

Yeap, this is annoying because I have to pay for one of my Ebay stuff I just won. I quickly submitted the documents that they wanted. I don’t have any utility bill as all of it is under my husband. So I submitted my bank statement.

Next, they wanted more stuff. They wanted details of some of my photo ID, transactions and email proof. Wah Lau Weh….

I was in a happy mood, so I submitted it. They provided links for me to attach documents. There were 5 links. 2 of it gave up on me. A tip, never try to type details on their input box because it is only 1000 characters. I wrote everything in a txt document, convert it to pdf and attached it. By the way, they only take in pdf, jpg and other image formats. Don’t try sending in a Word file.

I made a call to their help desk and 2 of the links didn’t work. By the way, some of those transactions were payment for ads on my blog. The agent who answered my call didn’t know what that was and wanted to write to the ads company. It is really fine by me but I am not sure if the company will entertained them. What I was not happy with was the agent told me that if the companies delay in replying, the restoration will be delayed.

I escalated it to her manager. Her manager called me and told me what was wrong with my account. She told me that my account phone number was link to an inactive account. I suspect it was my hubby’s account so I just turn around to ask him. Yeap, it was. I told them, please write to my hubby. Ha! I said, they should not penalize me for my inactive hubby’s account.

Tip No2, try not to use home phone number but office number if you are having a direct line.

The manager was kind enough to restore back my account but I have to go through the pain. Better withdraw my money from there!

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