Horrible City-Link Express Courier Service

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I really had the worst customer experience with Malaysia City-Link Express Courier Service. It started when my purchase didn’t arrive after 3 weeks. The online tracking system is practically useless. I called to the KL HQ and they told me that the Penang agent will call me back. No calls back and I had to follow up a couple of time. Yet no calls from them and this happened on Friday.

The courier man came on a Saturday but I was not at home. He should have called to make arrangement so that I can be home to receive the parcel. So he left me a card. The card has invalid address and contact number. Can you believe that?

On Monday, I follow up with them again. KL HQ asked me to call Penang team directly. A sleepy head picked up the phone. She told me the delivery guy already left so the parcel can only be delivered the next day. I waited so long, what is another day.

Next day, there was no sign of the courier man. I called the Penang customer service again. A lady picked up but didn?t know how to operate the phone. After talking to her halfway, I heard the voice machine came up??!! I called again, now I think I am all steam up and the customer service had the guts to tell me that the system said, “Pick up” meaning that I have to go to the office to pick it up. If I wanted to pick it up myself, I would not have called so many times. I asked for the manager’s contact. I called the manager, he agrees to deliver the item by today. Yet no sign of him.

City-Link Express is unreliable, horrible customer service and empty promises!!!

Think twice or three times before using them at all!

Iron Minion

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I found this really cool website for making cool figures of paper craft. There are lots of figures you can make by printing the color template, folding and lots of gluing. I made this:

Isn?t it cool? The website link: http://paper-replika.com

Awesome Band

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Cool Alarm System

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Not sure if this is real but I want 1!

Angled Beans

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Today I harvested some angled beans from my garden. I am so happy that finally see the plant bear fruits. It took me a long time to germinate the seeds. I believed after 3-4 tries. Finally it grew and I didn?t see any flowers blooming. I thought the plant is doomed. After a few months, the plant begun to cover my pergola and I spotted a few flowers.

Now I see many flowers and keeping my finger crossed that the plants will bear lots of beans. Angled beans go very well with Sambal Chilies. I made some today and it is super delicious!

Bon Odori 2013 – July 20th

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Every year I will go visit the Bon Odori festival with my family to hunt for food. My kids will go for the balloons. This year we didn’t stay for the fireworks. I found that this year the food was really expensive and more local food than anything. I was kind of disappointed there.

Well most people go to hang out, enjoy the Bon Odori dance and watch the fireworks. However we didn’t do that but went home early.

Next day, a friend told us that we won some lucky draw. I was really surprised! Yeah, I won some vouchers for Sushi King and Eastin Hotel Buffet! Hope next year the food will be better….

Relaxation Drink

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I planted some lemon grass at home. It grew to be a really big bush. Today I finally got time to pluck some of them and make lemon grass drink. All you need to do is boil it in water and rock sugar. You can add ginger or honey if you want.

It can be drunk hot or chilled! The benefit of this drink is endless but one thing it will make you feel relax after drinking it. Try it!

Household Tips: Life Hacks

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I found this interesting video on 10 tips to make your life so much easier. You learn tips & tricks, a very cool video indeed.

Another Good Laugh

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Watch This

Taro Pie

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I have been waiting for this to come to Malaysia and it did. The last time I had Taro Pie was when I was in Hong Kong. It was really a coincident. I went to Hong Kong McDonald to get free WiFi to check my email. I went to the counter and look for the cheapest thing to order. Then I saw Taro Pie.

When I took my first bite, I already fell in love with it. Now I can eat it again because they are selling it here in Malaysia McD.

Of coz the Hong Kong ones taste better.

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