What A Meal?!!

September 11, 2005 | 6 Comments   

My family had dinner at the famous place where they serve delicious cheese cakes with initial SR. My son loves the cheese cake there. As usual I ordered meatball spaghetti for his dinner and a piece of cheese cake. While I wanted something light and tried the Singapore Curry Laksa.

After about 10-15 minutes, my bowl of Laksa came. My jaw dropped. For the very first time, I cannot believe what I saw. I thought I ordered Curry soup. I used a spoon and chopstick to scoop to see what is inside. There were 3 medium size prawns and laksa noodles. No taufu (beancurd), taugeh (bean sprout) or any kind of vegetables. When I look at the picture in the menu, it has egg, squid, taufu, peppermint leaves, fish cake, prawns and noodles. At that instant, I regret what I ordered. If you were me, what will you do?

A. Just keep quiet and eat what you ordered.
B. Get furious and call for the waitress.
C. Ask someone else to eat it.
D. None of the above, please comment.

What I did was? Nicely I called the waitress, and told her that whatever I ordered, doesn’t look exactly like the picture. No egg, no vegetables, no squid…etc. She carried my bowl of curry back to the kitchen. I saw a few people discussing by the kitchen, the chef was there, another waiter holding a menu. It seems to me that the chef himself doesn’t know what was supposed to be in the Curry Laksa. After a while, she carried it out and told me that the one in the picture was Seafood Curry Laksa and not Singapore Laksa. I asked her again nicely, “You mean to say that Singapore Laksa only has noodle and prawn with no vegetables. By the way the price of both is the same?” Later she told me that the Singapore Laksa is supposed to have taufu and fish cake, but the taufu went rotten and the fish cake ran out. I did not say further but ask her whether I can cancel the order and take that away. Finally got what I wanted.

What will you do if you order a meal that doesn’t look and taste like what you ordered?