Price Hikes

April 17, 2008 | Post Comment   

I just received an email on the new parking rate for Penang Queensbay Mall. I always like to go there because parking was RM1 flat rate.

Effective 21 April 2008 and 28 April 2008 for Basement and Multi Level Car Park respectively.

Basement – LG & LM (effective April 21, 2008 onwards)
1st Three (3) Hours is RM1.00; Subsequent Hour is RM1.00

Multi Level – Level 3 to Level 8 Car Parks (effective April 28, onwards) 1st Five (5) Hours is RM1.00; Subsequent Hour is RM1.00

Open Car Parks remains at RM1.00 per entry

Oh well, now it just makes me think twice about going there unless it is less than 5 hours. No watching long movie for me in Queensbay Mall. Good for me too. Less visits mean less I will spend.

I heard Tesco eGate will implement parking fee too. Now I am wondering does all these have anything to do with hike in petrol and rice price. Talk about food hike, now penang hawker food as gone up 20-25%. My favorite bowl of asam laksa went up from RM2 to RM2.50. Next management performance review, I must talk to my manager about matching my increment with all these hikes. 🙂

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