Dreadful Flight Schedule

July 27, 2009 | Post Comment   

Yeap, I am off to US and my flight schedule is terrible.

Thurs Night -> Fly to Singapore, stayed overnight at Transit Hotel.
Fri Morn -> Fly to Narita, Japan. Then head to LA

In LA, I arrived at 1:30pm, waiting for my Colorado Springs flight at 8:30pm. It was a long wait. There is nothing near by the airport, that I can do. I stayed in the airport and went online.

Flight delayed until 10:30pm due to technical problem in the plane. They got another plane. I landed in Colorado Springs at 1:30am. Fortunately they didn’t cancel the flight else my plans all go down the drain. A few flights were canceled while I was there. United is really going downhill.

There was one flight, they were overbooked. They made an announcement to give a free round trip on United in US, to anyone who want to give away his/her seat on that flight. Hotel and next flight arrangement will also be provided. I don’t mind if it was my flight.

I am so glad that I made a decision not to collect the car on that day. I chose to stay near the airport and pick up the car next morning. At 2 am, no one will be there to hand you the car. It will be waste of money to take a cab to my hotel and back to collect the car. At least with hotel near the airport, I can use the airport shuttle.

Most of the time, when I reach US, it is at night. I can sleep after that. However this time, I reached in the morning and I don’t have a place to sleep. It was really tiring and went to sleep straight after I checked in.

Next up, shopping spree and you cannot imagine what I got! Ok, a few of you know because I was too excited to share the news…..

Here is my rented car, no hybrid car this round…

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