June 9, 2006 | 10 Comments   

Two month ago, TNB sent me a PINK letter saying they are going to cut my electricity if I do not pay the balance amount (“Tunggakan”). Usually my hubby settled all the bills using the Internet. We have statements to show we pay on time and the right amount. I was frustrated then because I thought my hubby delayed in paying. Anyhow, I asked him to go to the TNB branch and settled the matter. TNB told him many customers have these issue and they are working with the bank on it. How come this sounds so familiar?? :sc:

Last month, I took over paying the bills of the Internet. This month bill came and you see for yourself. What a booboo TNB did? I should send them a PINK letter to cut away the billing. :giggles:

Anyway, I need to cut down on electricity to bring it below RM43 so that I don’t taste the 12% increase. Here are some I can think off.

1. Take the children out to walk more often, cut down their TV hours.
2. Buy a bigger kettle to boil water for whole week.
3. Shower before the sun goes down, no need to switch on bathroom light.
4. Iron all the clothes bi-weekly or buy clothes that do not need ironing.
5. During a hot day, if need air-condition, hang around shopping malls.
6. Put more load into the washing machine.

Anymore bright ideas?