Dispute With TNB Malaysia

May 12, 2009 | 2 Comments   

I received an electricity bill for my new condo last month cost RM1.70 and I thought I didn’t have to pay as the govt stated electricity bill under RM20, we do not have to pay. This month I received another RM3.00 but last month RM1.70 is added, totaling RM4.70. My new condo meter is still showing 0 kwh.

I went to the TNB office to seek clarification. Guess what the customer service told me. He said very loudly that the budget 2009 stated that you do not have to pay if the electricity bill is below RM20 with consumption. He repeated the 2 words “with consumption”. Can you believe that?

Does that mean, I have to use go and on a light bulb to ensure the meter have reading before I get it free? How absurd! If I do that, I will be wasting electricity, just to get it free.

Ooh, I just called from the TNB officer after I submitted a online complaint, the criteria is to use at least 5 kwh of electricity. Are they asking me to waste 5 kwh to enjoyed the RM20 rebate? *shake head*

Looks like, they are adding more criteria to this rebate to prevent customers from claiming. By the way, I do not see any of these criteria being published in the newspaper. If yes, do let me know. I cannot find any criteria in the TNB Website either.

The statement that support my dispute and I quote “As part of the Government’s effort to further reduce the financial burden of the lower income group, households which incur monthly electricity bills of RM20 or less, will not have to pay for electricity, for the period from 1 October 2008 to end of 2009.

Source: (http://www.epu.gov.my/bajet/enbudget2009.pdf)

Now I may have to go to my condo to use 5kwh of power every month. TNB, you forced me to waste electricity!